Refereed Journal Articles, Published:

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Book chapters:

Simard S, Asay A, Beiler K, Bingham M, Deslippe J, He X, Philip L, Song Y. 2015. Resource Transfer Between Plants Through Ectomycorrhizal Fungal Networks. In: Horton TR, ed. Mycorrhizal Networks. Springer Netherlands, 133–176. Posters: Asay AK, Simard SW, Aitken SN, Durall DM, Dudley SA, Pickles BJ, Wilhelm R. (2014) Mycorrhizal facilitation of kin recognition in interior Douglas-fir, TerreWEB open house poster presentation, November 25, 2014.


Asay AK (2013-2016). Intelligent Forest. A Documentary Film. Scientific Advisor. Benjamin Rover Productions, Lithuania.